Maximus Automated Trading Systems, LLC., is the developer of PRIMUS, a fully automated proprietary system for the CME Futures Market. Specifically for intraday trading. This highly technical software is now available by monthly subscription. You must be a client of a preapproved trade assist broker to utilize PRIMUS.

What is PRIMUS

It is formulated for professional and entry level trading simplicity. Our emphasis is on conservative risk management trading strategies. This principle, combined with our proprietary patterns and formulations, gives PRIMUS a high probability of success in Futures Trading.

Market change is almost certain. Every calendar quarter, all CME charts are optimized with only the best performing charts offered for subscription. Market trends do require system adjustments which are also made quarterly.

PRIMUS is a fully automated trading system subscription for the CME futures market utilizing TradeStation platform. The automation allows the trades to be placed with stops and targets initiated. Some of the features of PRIMUS are a strict protocol for entering and exiting trades and defined money management system. there are no lagging indicators in the PRIMUS strategy.

It utilizes 3 Market Forces:

2. Price Action

3. Momentum

4. Acceleration

Minimum risk/reward and profit targets are calculated prior to the execution of each trade.

Other unique features include: Time Confluence indicator and maximum stop loss ticks.

Allow PRIMUS to fight your daily trading battles.


M.A.T.S. is not a brokerage and does not receive fees from brokers involved.


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Complete automation from opening to closing bell.

No crucial decisions to make. PRIMUS seeks, analyzes and executes trades within strict parameters.

This includes our proprietary formulation for profit potential, risk potential, entry and exit points. Eliminates emotion.

Choice of non correlated charts to trade. There is no overnite margin requirements strictly Day trading hours..

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Current minimum account size is set at $7500 per contract.

Suggested minimum trading account size is determined by the largest draw down of a trading chart in the previous tested calendar year and adding the daily intraday margin requirements from Tradestation and the CME.

* This Rule is determined by equating the Max Loss figure as 5% of your trading account. Example: Max Loss = $500. The account size should be $10,000 . This is a solid Money Management Strategy to minimize Risk.

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Only $125 per contract per month (See products for details)