a. General. When reasonably practicable, Company shall attempt torespect and maintain User’s privacy. Company shall not monitor, edit, ordisclose any personal information about User or User’s account, including itscontents or User’s use of the Software/Service, without User’s prior writtenconsent unless Company has a good faith belief that such action is necessaryto: (i) comply with any legal process or other legal requirements of anygovernmental authority, (ii) protect and defend the rights, interests, orproperty of Company, (iii) enforce this Agreement, (iv) protect the interestsof users of the Software/Service other than User or any other person, entity,partnership, organization, association or otherwise, or (v) operate or conduct


maintenance and repair of Company’s services or equipment, including theSoftware/Service as authorized by law. User has no expectation of privacywith respect to the Internet in general. User’s IP address andSoftware/Service generated GUID is transmitted and recorded with eachUser session.b. Cookies. The Software/Service may use cookies. A cookie is a smalldata file that a website stores on the User’s computer when theSoftware/Service is accessed via the Internet. A cookie allows Company tomonitor activity on its website and remember user preferences. Companyuses information contained in cookies to improve the User’s experience, aswell as track usage and tailor service options and content to usage patterns.Company does not use cookies to retrieve information from the User’scomputer not related to the Software/Service.c. Billing/Credit or Charge Card Information. Company shall not sharebilling/credit or charge card information provided by the User with thirdparties unless written or electronic permission is expressly received fromUser.d. Use of Aggregate Information. Company may, at its sole discretion,share aggregate information (e.g. number of website visits, demographicbreakdown, etc.) to third parties by combining aspects of personalinformation into an anonymous pool.e. Security of Personal Information. Information security is of theutmost importance to Company, however, no transmission of data over theInternet is guaranteed to be completely secure. Company shall not


guarantee or warrant the security of any personal information transmittedto or from it. Any such transmission is made solely at User’s risk.f. Links. Company’s Software/Service website may contain links toother Internet websites. These websites are not under the control ofCompany and Company does not control linked websites’ privacy and/oruser agreements. Company does not grant any warranties (express orimplied) nor does Company have any liability for information transferred andconferred to or from linked websites.