How much money ?

Answer: We suggest $7500 per contact as a minimum requirement.

What markets does this trade?

Answer: Currently the YM (mini Dow), the ES ( mini S&P) , and the CL( light crude) were the best charts when back tested and optimized.

What does the word" automated" mean?

Answer: Primus has been coded for Tradestation platform to replicate a manual trading system. It searches for the set up, will initiate a trade, place safety stops and profit Targets for the trade to play out. This stops traders from having to watch charts and manually place trades and try to manage the outcome successfully. the fear and greed factors cause great stress and Primus eliminates these emotions from the day to day operation.

How does the PRIMUS strategy stay up to date in ever changing market?

Answer: The system is backtested/ Forward walked and Optimized every 3 months for optimum results.

What markets does this trade

Answer: Primus trades the CME Futures markets, highly leveraged, liquid, stable markets currently the CL (Oil), NQ (Nasdaq).

How do I know if the system is any good?

Answer: One of the key elements of a trading system is the ability to be back-test for hypothetical performance using quantifiable data. Recognizing that hypothetical results have not been market-tested and that they are usually provided by the system vendor who is in the business of selling trading systems, the trader can obtain some idea as to the trading systems characteristics. However, the only true test of a system is to see how it performs in actual trading where market slippage and trading cost are a part of the record. As a result, there can be a significant difference between hypothetical and actual results and neither is any guarantee of future trading results.